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April 8, 2022

Modelica and TIL Training

Our Modelica and TIL training has proven itself over several years and is designed to be suitable for both beginners and experienced Modelica users.
For successful graduates, we provide materials to continue learning and create their own models using examples.

Two participants, a beginner and an experienced Modelica user, gave us nice feedback (without being asked ☺️). Thank you!

Tobias Lauser (MAN Truck & Bus): „At first, I was a bit skeptical, since my previous experience was quite low, to say the least. However, I was able to follow the training well and creating the models worked better than expected.”

Mustafa Kalfa (BSH): „Thanks a lot for your effort during training. Even though I am an experienced Modelica user for years, I have learned a lot from you.”

April 4, 2022

Save energy with heat integration - make a pinch analysis

With a pinch analysis you will find the maximum savings potential. Typically this is 10 to 40%!

How do you find out what the potential is for your system?

Franz explains the pinch analysis method in his blog article. To illustrate, he uses a simple example of heat integration in a milk production plant.

Here, the milk must be heated during pasteurization and then cooled again. This process therefore requires both heat and cold. By linking the two processes, the energy demand can be significantly reduced.

In more complex plants, heat integration is not so easy to achieve. Then pinch analysis is a suitable tool to calculate the maximum energy savings and perform the process integration.

March 31, 2022

Job offer: office management and accounting

Currently we are looking for support for our team in the area of office management and accounting!
We offer a flexible part-time position (15h/week for now) with varied tasks and the possibility to do a lot in the home office.
You are accurate and want to help us to organize the daily office routine in a structured and efficient way? Then send us your application to: jobs@tlk-energy.de

More information also about other job opportunities you find here: Jobs at TLK

March 24, 2022

Optimization in industrial practice

Optimization problems are frequently encountered in industrial practice.
One of them is: How do I optimize the charging of a fuel cell vehicle with hydrogen when a certain tank temperature must not be exceeded and I want to refuel as quickly as possible?

Such problems and their solution were the content of the joint research project ODINE, which we recently completed.

The project focused on the development of:
- efficient and robust numerical optimization algorithms
- complementary novel analysis and diagnostic tools
- to create a framework for application-specific web-based optimization tools.

We have been developing and acquiring a lot of knowledge in this area.
The field of optimization remains an exciting area of research to which we will continue to devote our efforts. Here, the close cooperation of mathematicians, software developers and engineers is required.

The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant number 01IS17089A.

March 11, 2022

Simulation saves energy

Right now we're getting a lot of enquiries about "How can I rebuild and optimise my system so that energy can be saved and more renewable energy can be used?"

Here, system simulation offers an excellent tool for planning.
In this way, you can estimate the energy saving potential of various measures in advance and know how to convert your system step by step to make it fit for the future.

With system simulations you can:

  • find potentials to optimise your plant!
  • find ways to integrate heat and renewables!
  • find designs for more energy independence!

March 9, 2022

Impressions Modelica and TIL Training in Aachen

During our Modelica and TIL training courses at our site in Aachen, there is the opportunity to talk to each other during the breaks, for example over lunch. We value a relaxed learning atmosphere and the feedback from the participants has always been very positive.

We value a relaxed learning atmosphere and the feedback from participants has always been very positive.

The training is suitable for beginners as well as for participants with experience in system simulation.
We are looking forward to the next training in Aachen and the personal contact.

March 3, 2022

Energy balance of thermodynamics

Why an alternative formulation of the energy balance?

Because in system simulations one solver has to deal with all equations and we want to make the calculation of the states as simple as possible.

In the case of thermodynamics, some simplifications can be made that lead to a balance equation that works very well for most thermodynamic systems and the mathematical solver.

Stefan Rauscher has listed the steps to arrive at this reformulated energy balance in a short blog article. Exciting for all who want to go deeper into the matter.

Read Stefan's article and understand the math behind it: Energy balance of thermodynamics

February 24, 2022

Training on-site in Aachen

The first on-site training in a long time is scheduled for March 22. It's getting closer to spring and we are very optimistic that it will work out this time. (When we first tried in January, we were probably a bit too positive after all 😉... )

We feel like meeting all Modelica enthusiasts in person as well. Some things can be explained much better in person than via the internet. Besides, we discuss many topics over coffee and cake during the breaks, and that is unfortunately completely missing in the online training...

Send an email to training@tlk-energy.de and learn step by step how to use Modelica and TIL for system simulation.

February 21, 2022

Working at TLK Energy

You can only work in a relaxed and concentrated manner in a relaxed environment.

Of course, we don't just work from the sofa, but the picture expresses the mood at our company quite well.

Everyone attaches importance to getting the work done properly. How and when does that happen?
There is room for maneuver here. Compromises can be found and everything can be discussed.

In the picture you can see Laura, who worked for us during her studies.☺️

February 14, 2022

Calculate Air Density Online

Did you know that? Humid air has a lower density!

This can now be calculated quickly and easily with our latest TLK Energy Tool.
Simply enter the air pressure, temperature and relative humidity and with one click you can find out the density of the air.

The more humid and hotter the air, the lower the density and the more the air rises upwards until it eventually starts to rain. 😄

Here you can test the air density calculator yourself. If an idea for another tool that would be helpful, feel free to contact us.

Ready for a new project?

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