Modelling of the thermal system of a battery electric minibus

Aachen, NRW, Germany



Electromobility is central to a climate-friendly transportation system. One challenge of electromobility is the loss of range in winter, since the battery must also supply energy for heating the interior. As part of the LatHe.Go research project, with partners DLR, e.Go and ACCESS, thermal storage concepts for relieving the load on the battery of minibuses will be investigated. The focus is on metallic phase change materials (mPCM), which can store heat at a very high energy level and high energy density.

To develop an operating strategy for mPCMs, a whole vehicle model will be built in the Modelica modeling language as part of the research project. In this context, possible integration concepts for mPCMs into the thermal system of battery electric minibuses will first be developed. Subsequently, the developed integration concept will be modeled together with the thermal system in Modelica. In the last step, the developed models will be integrated into the existing model of a vehicle cabin.


  • Development of an integration concept for mPCMs in battery-electric minibuses
  • Modeling of the thermal system in Modelica
  • Interpretation and presentation of the results


  • Internship
  • Duration: 2-4 months
  • Strong interest in simulation and thermodynamics required
  • Insight into industrial practice

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