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Fresh air with simulation

Find the perfect ventilation concept for your rooms

The air quality simulator aerosim by TLK ENERGY enables you to optimize room air quality and minimize heating costs.

The Aerosim Air Quality Simulator

Know when the air is gone

The quality of indoor air decreases rapidly after a short time, especially in crowded offices and classrooms, but also in bedrooms. Intensive window ventilation, however, means large heat loss and, especially in winter, high energy costs.

Aerosim allows you to calculate how often you should ventilate to keep the CO2 level in the room low. In doing so, you always have the heating costs in view. By comparing different ventilation concepts you will find your ideal system. You can then assess whether it is worth installing a comfortable and energy-saving ventilation system.

Your benefits

Quick and easy calculation of indoor air quality

Easy to use

Enter all necessary data into the calculator with a few simple clicks.

Quick results

Hit the ground running! aerosim only needs a few seconds to do the calculation.

Detailed diagrams

Obtain all important data from detailed diagrams.

Compare concepts

Test different ventilation options and find the right one.

Calculation of cost savings

Find out whether you can save money with a new ventilation concept.


How do you measure air quality?

An indication of good or bad air quality is the amount of CO2 in a room. It is measured in ppm ("parts per million"). According to the Federal Environment Agency of Germany, a room should be aired if the level exceeds 1,000 ppm. If 1,500 ppm are exceeded over a longer period of time, fatigue, headaches and lack of concentration increase. A high concentration of CO2 also indicates the accumulation of pollutants and pathogens in the air.

Get the result in just 4 steps

How the air quality simulator works

2. Simulate the ventilation concept

Choose how often, how long and in which way you want to ventilate the room. Available options are manual window ventilation and a controlled ventilation system. After defining the ventilation type you can simulate right away!

3. Immediately get results

In addition to an overview of the air quality, detailed diagrams of the CO2 content and the ventilation phases are available. This allows you to see immediately how the air quality changes during room use and, if necessary, to reconsider your ventilation concept.

1. Build your room

Define your room and specify the occupancy with a few input values. The visualization helps you to avoid input errors and guides you through the configuration.

4. Compare different ventilation concepts

The comparison feature allows you to directly see the advantages and disadvantages of different ventilation concepts. In addition, we provide you with an overview of the costs you may incur due to heat loss from ventilation.  

Test your ventilation concept now

The air quality simulator is free.


Modern tools for development and sales

Individual web simulators for your technical system

We plan, design and program web apps for the simulation of technical systems. With the graphical user interface, you can easily simulate ventilation systems, heat pumps, thermal storages or any other kind of technical system. The ideal solution for the use in your development and sales teams, and to promote your products.

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