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Plant Optimization

More efficiency and sustainability for your production plant

With our know-how and powerful software, we find the optimum for your production facilities and energy supply system in terms of efficiency, sustainability and costs.

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Energetic plant optimization with system simulation

By plant optimization we mean the software-based analysis and optimization of process and production plants and their energy supply.

We reproduce the technical systems in mathematical models to be able to predict their behavior on the computer by numerical simulation. In this way, we can examine various options for plant optimization, investigate them with regard to their robustness and ultimately make an individual recommendation for the optimization of your system.

Important in plant optimization is always the system context, i.e. the interaction with other plants and the energy supply system. Since the isolated consideration of a plant often falls short, we usually carry out a system simulation for optimization.

TIL Suite system model on a laptop

Advantages of software-based plant optimization

Plant optimization in two steps

Mapping of the actual state

In the first step of the plant optimization, we perform an analysis of the actual state and reproduce the system on the computer.

Which software is used for this depends entirely on your problem. In any case, we use professional software solutions that have proven themselves in industrial use and enable adequate mapping and calculation of the system.

If possible, the simulation models are calibrated using measurement data before the actual optimization takes place in the next step. Often, many improvement potentials are already uncovered during this calibration.

Simulation based optimization

As soon as the simulation model of the system is created and all constraints are defined, the software-based system optimization takes place.

This can involve a Pinch analysis, control optimization using powerful algorithms or large simulation studies.

The use of physical plant models ensures that the results are valid and implementable. In addition, simulation-based optimization does not merely provide a better solution, but the best solutions in terms of various target variables such as efficiency and costs.

For plant optimization, we use the best tools...

...and if we couldn't find one, we made it ourselves.

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