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What's new at TLK Energy?

April 8, 2022

Modelica and TIL Training

Our Modelica and TIL training has proven itself over several years and is designed to be suitable for both beginners and experienced Modelica users.
For successful graduates, we provide materials to continue learning and create their own models using examples.

Two participants, a beginner and an experienced Modelica user, gave us nice feedback (without being asked ☺️). Thank you!

Tobias Lauser (MAN Truck & Bus): „At first, I was a bit skeptical, since my previous experience was quite low, to say the least. However, I was able to follow the training well and creating the models worked better than expected.”

Mustafa Kalfa (BSH): „Thanks a lot for your effort during training. Even though I am an experienced Modelica user for years, I have learned a lot from you.”

April 4, 2022

Save energy with heat integration - make a pinch analysis

With a pinch analysis you will find the maximum savings potential. Typically this is 10 to 40%!

How do you find out what the potential is for your system?

Franz explains the pinch analysis method in his blog article. To illustrate, he uses a simple example of heat integration in a milk production plant.

Here, the milk must be heated during pasteurization and then cooled again. This process therefore requires both heat and cold. By linking the two processes, the energy demand can be significantly reduced.

In more complex plants, heat integration is not so easy to achieve. Then pinch analysis is a suitable tool to calculate the maximum energy savings and perform the process integration.

Our clients

"The web simulator is great work! That's how I wanted it to be. After a few teething problems, it all worked out very well."

Stephan Christoph

Crespel & Deiters GmbH & Co. KG

"In our research projects, we perform dynamic simulations and optimizations. We work with different operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux) and often have very specific requirements for the software interfaces. Here, the communication with TLK Energy was always very good: software interfaces were adapted for us in a short time and questions were answered competently."

Mirko Engelpracht

RWTH Aachen University

"From formulating the task in the proposal phase to the completion of the project, we felt very well looked after. Technical depth was achieved very early on in the close-knit status meetings, which brought interesting discussions and knowledge gains for us. It's wonderful that projects like these exist."

Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Noack


"The collaboration with TLK Energy was very straightforward and always solution-oriented. Together we have created a web-based ventilation simulator that helps us to communicate the benefits of our Airflow products better.“

Simon Morherr

AIRFLOW Lufttechnik GmbH

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