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Interactive Phase diagrams for engineers

See and understand processes

Our online phase diagrams help you to design processes and illustrate the individual process steps.

Interactive ph-diagram

For refrigeration systems, the log-p-h diagram is probably the most widely used graphical visualization. We use it every day in simulation projects to grasp the state of a system at one sight. For our web-based simulation apps we have developed an interactive log-p-h diagram with JavaScript. You can use it for free and create a cycle yourself.

Open ph-diagram

Interactive hx-diagram

Moisture is important for ventilation and air conditioning applications. Thermodynamic states and processes with moist air can be graphically represented using the Mollier h-x-diagram. Our powerful interactive version of the hx-diagram helps beginners to understand the basics of hx-diagrams and professionals to speed up common calculations.

Open hx-diagram

McCabe-Thiele diagram

The McCabe-Thiele method uses a phase diagram to determine the number of theoretical stages (bottoms) required to achieve a desired degree of separation. The method is a very useful tool for understanding the distillation of a binary mixture.

McCabe-Thiele diagram

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