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Gas purification & gas drying

TIL Adsorption

The Modelica library for adsorption processes

Dynamic plant simulation for gas purification and gas drying

The TIL Add-On Adsorption allows the simulation and analysis of transient drying and separation processes for gas mixtures. The physical principle of adsorption is the basis for all models.

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Universal basic model for gas mixtures and adsorption equilibrium

Modular approach facilitates construction of complex adsorption plants

Optimization of material and cycle times

Individually expandable material database

Analysis of breakthrough curves and adsorption kinetics

Investigation of PSA and TSA processes

Example systems for gas drying and gas purification

Air drying for battery production

Battery production places extremely high demands on the conditioning of the room air. The relative humidity must be below 1%. At room temperature, this corresponds to a dew point of around -34°C.

The drying of the air to such low residual humidities is carried out in multi-stage processes with sorption wheels. The energy required for drying can be minimized by smart process control and heat recovery.

With TIL Adsorption you will find a plant configuration and control system that meets the requirements of battery production and protects the environment by minimizing energy consumption.

Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture offers the possibility of recovering carbon dioxide directly from the ambient air. Here, too, the basic principle is adsorption.

The CO2 from the environment is passed over large adsorbers via fans and adsorbed there. The subsequent desorption at about 100°C yields highly concentrated CO2 that can be utilized or stored.

At present, the technology still has a rather high energy requirement. In the MoGaTEx research project, we are investigating model-based design to increase energy efficiency with TIL adsorption.

Models for numerous adsorption systems

The library contains examples of adsorber columns, multiple discretized sorption wheels up to complete pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems.

With the models you can e.g. optimize the dimensioning of adsorbers, investigate which sorbent is suitable for your process or improve control concepts and switching times for an adsorption plant.


Sorption Wheels


Drying Processes

Gas Purification

Biogas Processing

Gas Drying

Direct Air Capture

Air Separation

Your individual modell?

Dynamic simulation of your own adsorption system

Create your own models and use ready-made components and testers.
The Add-On Adsorption contains the following additional models. All components can be parameterized and combined with models from the TIL Suite standard library.

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Adsorption cell

Adsorption tank

Adsorption tank
with insulation

Adsorption wheel
with 2 streams

Adsorption wheel
with 3 streams

Adsorption wheel
with 4 streams

Design adsorption plants with TIL Adsorption

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