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Simulation fuel cell & electrolyzer

TIL Hydrogen Energy Systems

The Modelica library for green hydrogen economy

Models for the simulation of hydrogen energy systems

The library contains simulation-ready examples of fuel cells, hydrogen refueling stations, vehicle storage systems, liquefaction processes, chemical reactors with co-electrolysis, as well as methanation and more.

You can select different types of hydrogen. Besides hydrogen R-702, you can also simulate ortho and para hydrogen and their mixtures.

Fuel cells (SOFC, PEM)

Hydrogen refueling station

Linde-Hampson process

Chemical reactors




Vehicle storage systems

CGH2 Pressure vessel

Your individual model?

Example systems for hydrogen applications

Hydrogen refueling stations and vehicle storage systems

Several example models for the distribution of hydrogen for the mobility sector are provided in the Add-On. These include CGH2 (compressed gaseous hydrogen) vehicle storage systems, CGH2 tube trailers and refueling station systems for cascade or booster refueling.

The models can be parameterized and easily customized depending on the application. In case of cascade refueling, which takes place via pressure equalization between refueling station and vehicle storage tanks, for example, the number, the pressure levels as well as the capacity of the refueling station storage tanks can be adjusted.

The simulation provides results regarding the temperature and pressure development of the CGH2 storage tanks as well as the power demand during the refueling processes. This enables an analysis of different refueling station concepts and operating strategies, including the determination of refueling protocols, as well as a general design of pre-cooling and storage capacities.

PEM fuel cell system

To generate electricity from green hydrogen, a fuel cell is required. PEM fuel cells are flexible in application and can be used, for example, in combined heat and power plants and vehicle propulsion systems. The TIL Add-on contains a simulation example of a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system for transportation or stationary applications. The fuel cell membrane is almost gas-tight to uncharged air as well as hydrogen, but allows hydrogen protons to pass through.

The model includes the PEM fuel cell and peripheral components for reactant supply. The models provide simple parameterization via efficiency for mass and heat transfer, as well as exchangeable pressure drop correlations. The proportion of hydrogen and nitrogen in the gas mixture can be read out.

SOEC stack and methanation

Power to gas – in this example: electricity to methane – is a way of storing energy.

During the fuel feed, a gas mixture consisting mainly of CO2 and H2O first flows into the electrolyzer. Here, hydrogen in particular is generated by means of a current supply. Then the gas mixture flows into the reformer for methanation. The reformer is operated at 10 bar and 350 °C.

High-temperature electrolysis can be used to produce methane and oxygen from water and carbon dioxide. For this purpose, the Add-on contains a model of solid oxide electrolyte cells (SOEC).

Dynamic simulation of your own hydrogen energy system

Build your own models and use ready-made components and testers. The Add-On Hydrogen Energy Systems contains the following additional models. All components can be parameterized and combined with models from the TIL Suite standard library, such as heat exchangers, pumps, sensors, cooling circuits, heat pumps and more.
In this way, the plant periphery (Balance of Plant) can also be taken into account.

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Combustion Chamber


Fuel Cells


Jet Pump


Pressure Vessel




Benefits of designing plants with TIL Hydrogen Energy Systems

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