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Engineering apps like you've never seen before

Forget feature-cluttered, high-priced, 2000s-style software. Our web-based simulation tools will change the way you work.

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Benefit from the many advantages TLK Energy Apps will bring to your company

Highly efficient workflows

Sales teams no longer need to contact the back office to have simulations performed by engineers: they can simulate and present results to their customers on the spot. Customer data can be taken into account immediately on site, and alternatives and comparisons can be computed immediately.

The webbased apps can be opened via browser - no installation is required. The models and information in web tools can be updated from remote, ensuring that the sales team will always use the most recent version.

Realistic presentations

TLK Energy apps use state-of-the-art simulation technology to virtually model your systems. Simulations can be carried out fully dynamically to consider time-variable operating conditions, storage effects or control parameter modifications.

Our web tools are tailored to your products. By using the open model exchange standard FMI we can employ professional modeling languages like Modelica or Simulink. It is also possible to integrate your existing models into our apps.

Navigation and input options include only what you really need. Present your products in a clear and effective way without getting distracted. Meaningful visualizations support the customer's understanding in order to better see the benefits of your products.

Impressive sales talks

Consulting with digital tools instead of sheets and folders ensures a modern, organized, and positive appearance. Supported by a user-oriented interface, sales representatives can carry out simulations and present customer-specific results independently without in-depth computational knowledge. They will advise confidently and independently and leave a knowledgeable impression. Well supported and satisfied sales staff feel better - and sell better.

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Make an appointment and we will demonstrate you our simulation platform in a web conference. Get started in the world of web-simulation fast and easy!‍‍‍

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