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Web-based simulation is your game-changer

Engineers have been using computer simulations for a long time to improve technical systems. However, most simulations require expensive software and special training. TLK Energy Apps make a difference: our easy-to-use engineering apps highlight the performance and benefits of your products, thus opening up completely new possibilities for your technical sales team.

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Engineers in a work environment in their office

Plan, design, develop – we do them all

At TLK Energy, we are an interdisciplinary team of engineers, software developers, and designers. Our long-term experience, constant exchange with our customers and openness to new approaches and methods allow us to find outstanding solutions. We accompany your project from requirements analysis to model development and interface design.

References to our engineering apps

Weiss Technik

Configure dry rooms

Weiss Technik is a leading company in the fields of heating, air conditioning and pharmaceutical technology. The design and construction of drying rooms, e.g. for battery production, is also part of its range of services. An initial design of the drying room can now be carried out on site in just a few minutes thanks to the online simulator. Decisive factors such as the number of people, dew point and air exchange rate are taken into account. In this way, a rough design can be created with just a few clicks and a compromise between technical requirements and budget specifications can be found. This saves a lot of time and resources before detailed planning begins on this basis.


Hydrogen Refueling Stations

With this tool, sales representatives can configure hydrogen refueling stations according to customer requirements without time-consuming detours via engineers. Potential customers receive direct and detailed feedback thanks to a detailed dynamic system simulation.

Hydrogen Refueling Station Simulation and Design Tool by NEUMAN & ESSER, Youtube video

AIRFLOW Lufttechnik GmbH

Ventilation simulator

AIRFLOW offers numerous products for good air quality, from air handling units to measurement technology for ventilation. Together, we have developed a web-based ventilation simulator that simulates the air quality for your own application with just a few clicks. With the help of interactive graphics, the possible benefits of a ventilation system can be determined individually. Thus AIRFLOW can offer its customers a unique tool for an individual and well-founded purchase decision.

How much is your individual engineering app?

1 - Development

We create a model of your system and set up a web app according to your requirements. You can closely follow the development process and test the app before deciding on a final version. The prices for development start at 5000 € and can vary depending on your demands. Changes and extensions to your app can be made anytime.

Two engineers working together on simulations
Engineers in a work environment in their office

2 - Hosting

Once created, your app will be hosted on our simulation platform TLK Energy Apps. It can be accessed by your sales team or by all visitors to your website – just as you want. We can also connect the app to Hubspot CRM, so you get all the usage statistics at a glance. License cost for hosting your customized app is 1200 € per year.

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